Is Your Work Environment Toxic?

///Is Your Work Environment Toxic?

Is Your Work Environment Toxic?

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If you took the temperature of the people in your office, what would it be, figuratively speaking? Would the temperature read come back with “happy,” “upbeat,” or “positive”? Or would it yield something less desirable such as “low energy,” “poor attitude,” or “miserable”?

If you want to build a successful business, an all-around healthy work environment is a must. Workplace health is all encompassing in each arm of your business, including things such as your corporate policy regarding hours, benefits and vacation, but also equally important concepts like communicating with your team, valuing them, rewarding them and ensuring a work life balance. Put a program in place that will teach your employees how to be mindful, motivated, and appreciative of one another. Doing all of this means you will get more effort and higher quality work from your team. You’ll also build loyalty, meaning ultimately you’ll have less of a turnover, ensuring you have experienced employees and are investing less capital into training new team members.

Assemble some of your higher ups or managers and ask them about the feedback they’re receiving on what it’s like to work for your business. Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions on what they think you could be doing better. Enjoying work isn’t limited to enjoying the tasks you are responsible for; enjoying work also means enjoying the people with whom you work. So don’t be afraid to develop the social component of your office environment by doing things like complimentary breakfast or lunch once a month, happy hours on the first Thursday of each month, open discussion forums, company-wide health or charity events or challenges. There’s no limit to what can be done – it’s simply a combination of your budget and imagination!

Keep your work environment a healthy, awesome place to work. You’ll make more money and sleep better knowing your team is a happy one.

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