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A session on the PhysioRED consists of a reclined cycling workout within a heated chamber. This FDA – listed device, which utilizes 2,800 watts of infrared light, is ideal for those who are overweight, recovering from an injury, or are otherwise limited in their movement.



DASHA®’s weight loss packages often include more than just exercise with the PhysioRED; by incorporating other training elements, you can increase the effectiveness of your training and improve your overall health as well.

Paired with our Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Testing, your weight loss goals will be within your grasp! Guidance, expertise, and innovative technology all play important roles in a successful weight loss effort at DASHA®. It is DASHA®’s goal to be there to help you exceed your goals.


The PhysioRED is an effective tool for weight loss, especially for those who are obese or highly overweight. Its infrared heat penetrates up to 2 inches into the skin, generating metabolic changes to the body that contribute towards weight loss. 


If you’re a body builder, you know you need to “bulk up” with weight lifting and then “lean down” with cardio. However, many cardiovascular workouts cause you to lose muscle mass. Worse, intensive cardio can release the stress hormone, “cortisol,” causing water retention. But with PhysioRED, less exertion is required.


A session on the PhysioRED is intensive yet gentle, and it won’t overstrain weak bones, muscles or tendons. Therefore, it is a great exercise choice for those who have recently undergone a knee, back or hip surgery. The combination of heat and light also speeds up the healing process.

* Consult with your physician first.


PhysioRED is a safe, effective and 100% natural detox solutionWith the combined action of the cardio and the sauna-like heat of infrared, your fat cells release trapped toxins and fat into the bloodstream. There, your lymphatic and circulatory system pick up the toxins so your body can excrete them. Even heavy metals like lead, mercury, nickel and sodium are flushed out. As for the fat, it’s burned off as energy.


Research by the American Diabetes Association has proven the progression of diabetes can be slowed or even stopped with a combination of weight loss, reduced fat intake, reduced saturated fat intake, increased fiber intake, and increased exercise.

When sessions on the PhysioRED are combined with a balanced diet that’s low in fat and sugar, it will help you lose weight, increase heart health, and lower your blood glucose levels to reduce the progression of diabetes.

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