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At DASHA®, we want to know what wellness means for you. For some, it is simply health maintenance and prevention, for others, it is freedom from pain. Wellness, however you define it, is about achieving an optimal quality-of-life.

Health and Wellness NYC

Whether you have a sports-related injury, nerve damage, back trouble, or simply want to feel strong, healthy and complete, DASHA®’s “independent client providers” can help guide you on your wellness journey! DASHA®“independent client providers” use a hands on approach focusing on 360-degree to wellness. Integrated technology which is offers real data is not only effective, innovative and stylish but on forefront of fitness.

Keeping up with the pulse of the ever changing wellness and fitness industry, DASHA® “independent client providers” vigorously look to enhance their clients well-being, by educating them to set higher goals and standards for themselves. The most cutting edge approaches, simply help restore you to ultimate health.

DASHA®’s “independent client providers” use both nonsurgical and alternative medical techniques that incorporate a broad range of assessments and treatments. The various disciplines enable the “independent client providers” to assess, review and build personalized and comprehensive wellness programs for each client.

  • To illustrate, a client who visits one of DASHA®’s spa and wellness centers may seek treatment for an acute situation   ,or chronic care management would then be directed to a specific “independent client provider” for care. Get Started Today
  • If the client that is coming to overall enhance their well-being then they will first start with an “independent client provider” and undergo a 360′ comprehensive assessment which will include the Body’s Functional Movement Assessment, Athleticism Level and Anthropometric Measurements which include the following tests: Heart rate, Blood Pressure, Height Weight, Circumferences, Body Composition

Typically when the clients become more educated they look to enhance their lifestyle and compliment their personal wellness platform with services such as PilatesMedical Massage, and Acupuncture.

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