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What They’re Saying 2017-05-31T21:28:25-04:00
I always look forward to that one hour at DASHA® that makes me forget all my worries, re-center and balance myself. DASHA® is my peace of mind, where I go to get my regular mind, body and spirit tune-up that I need to remember all of the things and people in life that are important, besides work.
DASHA® is a happy place, an escape from the hustle of New York City. Everyone who works at DASHA® makes me feel welcomed and relaxed, and I can always trust that my wellness is in good hands.
DASHA® means everything to me. Their whole-body approach and the fact that they don’t just care for you but about you has given me such a better life. I spent 10 years steadily convincing myself that pain and weakness were normal, even though I was in an otherwise healthy body! I didn’t realize that my everyday habits were slowly debilitating me further. DASHA® has given me strength, mobility, energy and stability. They make me crave bettering my health, getting stronger, and feeling better! The entire team of doctors and therapists are absolutely extraordinary!

DASHA® provides me a place to go where I know everyone will listen to my issues and work together to get me back to normal. Most health spas just run through the motions and treat areas, but DASHA® treats issues

DASHA helped me to look and feel amazing! DASHA® is my happy place, my home away from home.
Everyone on the DASHA® team is a good listener and the billing department handles all insurance matters expertly.
At DASHA®, I know that I am in the good care of a competent team where all of the members make me feel welcome and communicate with each other about my needs.

DASHA® has made a huge difference in my life. I’ve always had serious back pain associated with scoliosis and posture and through physical therapy and chiropractic care…I am more comfortable in my day-to-day life now than I have been in a very long time.

My quality of life has improved greatly. I can finally drive without tensing up. I always recommend DASHA® to everyone I know. It’s not a sales pitch, it’s because DASHA®’s quality of service is awesome!
I feel well cared for every time I come to DASHA®. Everyone is friendly and the equipment & technology used is top notch & state of the art. Every visit is a pleasant one, it makes you feel welcome. I always recommend DASHA® to family and friends!
Once I started going, I couldn’t get enough. I have been going to DASHA every week for the past year. To me, DASHA equals health.

With a customized physical therapy routine and chiropractic care, I was able to complete the (NYC) marathon in less than four hours, just two weeks after suffering a foot injury which easily could have lead me to withdraw from the race all together.

Prior to first entering DASHA®, I had severe low-back, hip, and neck pain. I am highly satisfied with the top notch level of treatment I continue to receive at DASHA®. My condition continues to improve and I have received excellent advice with regards to mitigating the pain. I have nothing but good things to say about the staff at DASHA®; They create a caring and friendly atmosphere for everyone.
Before DASHA® I had a knee problem & lingering issues from a surgery. The knee problem went away quickly & my injuries have been steadly improving. I always feel welcome when I enter the premises and look forward to my sessions. I am very satisfied. DASHA® has exceeded my every expectation. I refer everyone I know who I think can benefit from treatment at DASHA®.
I had a bum leg that I busted training for a marathon. My leg is better, and now I have improved strength & energy everywhere. DASHA® is a calm, professional, clean, and happy space. I am totally satisfied!

After coming to DASHA®, my back pain has improved so much. The space feels great, the staff is always friendly, and they are all about improving my quality of life. I am very satisfied, and that is why I highly recommend DASHA® to my coworkers.
Before my time at DASHA® I had back pain and neck pain. Now I have better posture and am more aware of how I stand & move. The staff is super professional & very helpful! I refer friends and family members all the time!
I used to have extreme pain in the right side of my lower back. I was barely able to walk. I was limping very badly. DASHA® is very well equipped, clean, and has a peaceful atmosphere. I always leave feeling much better. Everyone at DASHA® is extremely professional and kind. I feel that they are invested 100% in what they are doing. I am very satisfied with my experience and I would absolutely recommend DASHA® to anyone!

Before DASHA® I had Plantar Fasciitis and muscle tightness. Now I feel better when running & biking. The staff is very professional, friendly, fast & efficient.
Prior to going to DASHA® I was experiencing numbness in my hands. The numbness would wake me up several times during the night. Since coming to DASHA® the numbness has diminished and I am now sleeping through the night! The staff is great! Everyone is very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I am extremely satisfied.
Shannon and the entire DASHA® team were a fantastic addition to our NYC Triathlon finish line tent. The stretching services and Graston Technique provided by Dr. Darren Pollack as well as the chair massages conducted by two licensed massage therapists were greatly appreciated by our participants who had just completed the NYC triathlon. The team was incredibly organized and professional even when working with incredibly sweaty and fatigued athletes. Throughout the morning they treated nearly 60 athletes, all of whom were singing their praises!