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Find yourself again and cultivate patience, happiness and acceptance. Taking time to relax and pamper oneself is essential for preventing stress, which affects your mind and body.

DASHA® spa services

For some, Massage Therapy sweeps away tension and built-up anxiety, while conditioning the body, mind and spirit. For others, Acupuncture eases the body into a state of deep relaxation.

Luxury Treatments, like Make-Up Application, can make a special day feel even more glamorous and memorable. DASHA®’s Wedding Packages specifically help both bride and groom look their best come wedding day. Be photo ready with DASHA®.

DASHA®’s Lifestyle services are designed to guide you into a state of balance and tranquility that radiates from the inside out, enhancing your natural beauty and harmonizing your senses.

Recharge and renew your inner health and outer beauty at DASHA®’s wellness sanctuary.

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