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Beyond wellness, it’s a journey to continually elevate yourself.


DASHA® is a community where members enjoy the convenience, flexibility and experience of our hand-picked and individually vetted health, wellness and lifestyle service providers. At DASHA® we help you realize your health goals to build a healthier you.


DASHA® delivers a unique concierge experience designed to Enhance your well-being®. At the core of the DASHA® 360-degree approach is the acknowledgement and acceptance that to live a healthy lifestyle, you must be open to making changes in certain areas of your life.

“Our commitment is to help you become the best version of you, so you may attain excellence in all that you do.” Since 2009, DASHA® has worked with “independent client providers” and practices offering integrated holistic health care solutions to Enhance your well-being®.  DASHA® establishes wellness and lifestyle initiatives to help motivate individuals and corporations to make healthier choices in every arena of life, while empowering you to go the distance and beyond.

Founder Shannon Russo-Pollack is a pioneer in the wellness industry, having led her team to help thousands of busy New Yorkers achieve their personal health goals through exceptional service, hospitality and topnotch care at DASHA®.  Fearless and fierce, through her tremendous passion for the DASHA® Brand, “SHA has created a hybrid brand integrating lifestyle, fitness and wellness services which has grown into a household name in the New York market.”


Your DASHA® journey begins with a complimentary assessment to learn more about you – where you’ve been, and where you want to go. DASHA® takes the guesswork out of finding the right “independent client providers” for your health, wellness and lifestyle services by taking all of you into consideration to match you and your needs to the right team of experts to create a wellness plan that will work for you.

 We understand that your wellness extends to all areas of your life; from relationships, to finance, to career, personal growth, stress management, weight loss, pain management, physical therapy and rehabilitation, personal training, and endurance training.

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