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Beyond wellness, it’s a journey to continually elevate oneself.

Welcome to the DASHA® community where members can experience holistic, safe and effective treatments and care. We deliver a unique wellness experience designed to Enhance your well-being® from the inside out. our flagship location is on East 57th St, we deliver on site Corporate Wellness services and Virtual Care.

DASHA® “independent client providers” are individually vetted and have extensive training in the health and wellness industry. Providers include chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, holistic providers, fitness instructors and wellness coaches. Our number one goal is to help you identify the root causes of chronic pain and illness, helping you to live a healthy lifestyle by providing the proper care and treatment within a stress free environment.

DASHA® takes the guesswork out of finding the right partnership for your wellness journey. We will create a custom designed a wellness program that offers a healthy balance of challenges and goals, plus a treatment plan, that matches you with the right team of experts! We understand that your wellness extends to all areas of your life; from relationships, to finance, to career, personal growth, stress management, weight loss, pain management, physical therapy and rehabilitation, personal training, and endurance training. Your journey begins with a Personal Lifestyle Assessment. Our goal is to learn more about you and help navigate-where YOU want to go!

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DASHA wellness & spa is a luxury lifestyle brand and New York City-based wellness center created to offer a truly holistic approach to wellness.

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