Owner & Founder, DASHA®  Shannon Russo-PollackFounder Shannon Russo-Pollack

Owner & Founder of DASHA®  Shannon Russo-Pollack

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Shannon Russo-Pollack (SHA) is the Founder and powerhouse behind the DASHA® brand. As a Authentic Lifestyle Expert in the Health and Wellness industry, this determined boss-lady has shown her dedication to the DASHA community by creating healthy lifestyle programs that integrate wellness, medical, lifestyle and fitness services seamlessly together.

SHA is passionate about inspiring others to move and feel better through physical fitness instruction, wellness services and motivational challenges.  SHA is supported by the “independent client providers”, medical doctors, and other health professionals at DASHA®. Known as a sought-after “best practices” consultant to fitness and medical entrepreneurs integrating both physical and well-being services. In 2009 SHA took the brand to the next level bridging the gap between wellness services rendered onsite in New York City and introducing them into Corporate Wellness with a Lifestyle twist. Shannon Russo-Pollack is a Certified Health Coach,  Lifestyle Consultant, Yoga Instructor and Breath Coach

The DASHA® brand encompasses integrated health, wellness, and lifestyle services to Enhance your well-being®. DASHA® was founded in 2009 and quickly became a second home to corporate professionals, parents and teens seeking healthy balance in their lives. Offering a wide range of medical, lifestyle and wellness services that nurture the mind, feed the body, and Enhance your well-being®. 

DASHA® Wellness is conveniently located at 115 East 57th St., Suite 520 New York City, NY 10022