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DASHA® is a registered trademark of DASHA® Enterprises, llc All unauthorized uses of the trademark will be prosecuted.DASHA® “independent client providers” incorporate stretching techniques into almost every program to foster better flexibility, an essential part of any fitness program.


When clients come to us we take our time to learn about their lifestyle, behaviors and patterns at home. One of the biggest things we recommend to our clients is that they take time for themself to stretch and breath daily because this helps to promote a healthy lifestyle. We highly recommend that before you begin any type endurance activity, you should check in with your body. We teach you ways to help improve the body’s range of motion and protect you against injury. Having a customized stretching routine will prepare your muscles for strenuous movement before you set out for your activity. Learn more about how you can benefit from a daily stretching routine.

Stretching Packages  are available 5/10 sessions 30 min each


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