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We’re all on a journey to continually elevate oneself.

To reinvent and transform who we are. Spark positive change in our lives.
Move us beyond just wellness. It begins at a place that inspires us. One that helps us renew ourselves.
Gives us a new found perspective & start our wellness journey.

That journey begins with DASHA®

The vision of DASHA began with a dream, a commitment and desire to create a wellness sanctuary where urban professionals and like minded people could go, to be heard, feel good about “Oneself” and receive much needed “ME” time.

Since 2009, DASHA® has inspired and guided the New York Community to live healthier lives. DASHA’s dedicated team of “independent client providers” which include health, wellness, and interventional pain specialists work together to develop a custom wellness program tailored to suit your personal lifestyle needs so you can achieve excellence in all that you do. DASHA® takes a holistic approach wellness using conventional and alternative treatments in a environment that’s supportive and up lifting. Our menu of services include Chiropractic CareHolistic Medicine, Interventional Pain Management, FitnessMassagePhysical TherapyPilatesStress Relief Services, Yoga, and Corporate Wellness.

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