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Beyond wellness, it’s a journey to continually elevate yourself.

That journey begins with DASHA®

The vision of DASHA® began with a dream, a commitment and a desire to create a healthy environment where people could go to to be heard, feel good about themselves, and receive much needed “ME” time.  DASHA® has created a wellness community which has inspired and guided thousands of New Yorkers to live healthier lives. We have established two sanctuary’s in New York City, are dedicated to enhance the well-being of busy professionals and others who are in need of some much needed ME-time.

DASHA®s core is expressed within the trademarked logo, using the (double infinity symbol) symbolizing a modern interpretation of eternity, mindfulness and dedicated wellness from the inside out.  Together, our team of “independent client providers” will develop a custom health and wellness program tailored to suit your lifestyle needs.

At DASHA® it’s our job to help you see it, reach it, and enhance your well-being®. The DASHA®”independent client providers” will guide you each step along your journey to live a healthier lifestyle, so you can achieve excellence in all that you do.  Our menu of services include Chiropractic CareHolistic MedicineFitnessMassagePhysical TherapyPilatesStress Relief Services,Yoga, and Corporate Wellness.

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Help our founder Shannon raise money to support Rising New York Road Runners, NYRR’s youth program and events
program during The Popular® Brooklyn Half.

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