Pre/Postnatal Care Packages

//Pre/Postnatal Care Packages
Pre/Postnatal Care Packages 2022-11-10T01:08:28-05:00

Re-strengthen your core and get back to your pre pregnancy figure! DASHA® offers several packages for new moms during and after pregnancy.

Begin the process of reuniting mind and body with a Fitness Training or Yoga or Pilates Session focusing on balance, restrengthening your core and overall flexibility . Followed up by a lifestyle massage (prenatal or postnatal) which focuses on the support and maintenance in the abdomen, hip complex, and diaphragm.Yoga

DASHA®”independent client providers” such as Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Pilates  are specifically educated in safe and effective pre/postnatal exercise practices



*Please note a medical note must be provided for clearance prior to doing physical activity. For more information call 212.755.5500

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