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DASHA® has earned a stellar reputation in the “Corporate Wellness” space by offering unique health, wellness and lifestyle programs for companies of all sizes across the Tri State Area. We understand all about making  your “Wellness Experience” simple.

Since 2009, DASHA® has established partnerships with 100’s of corporations ranging from the luxury market to financial industry. We understand that while the general public is becoming more and more health conscious, the workplace still monopolizes most of the hours in the employees day. This translates to higher levels of stress, longer hours and extreme multitasking.


DASHA®’s elite team of Healthcare Providers, Massage Therapists, Holistic Care Experts, Pain Management Professionals, Fitness Specialists will partner with your HR Department or Benefits team to create a Corporate Wellness Program that is tailored to fit not only the needs of your employees, but a program that works within the Insurance Benefits Plan your company currently has in place. We measure our success in our ability to educate, motivate, reward, and inspire your employees to develop healthly habits.


Aetna, Cigna, GHI, Nippon Life Insurance, Oxford/Optum, United Healthcare, No Fault/Workers’ Compensation, and Flexible Spending Accounts.


DASHA® will travel to your destination to deliver preventative health, wellness, lifestyle and spa services that will have your employees standing tall, feeling healthy and confident!

Our integrated menu of customized Corporate Wellness Services includes: Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, Massage, Acupuncture, Pilates, Personal Training, and Yoga. We also offer Premium Packages: Weight Loss Package, Stress Relief Package, Athletic Training, plus Seasonal Wellness Checkups.


We can deliver any combination of services tailored to meet your Corporate Culture and Health Initiatives

If you are looking to boost your company morale and reduce costs in the process, DASHA® Corporate Wellness Program is the healthiest solution for you. Remember, your team of employees stand as the building blocks of your business and the key to your success. We go beyond teaching people, we figure out the solution as to why the original problem may exist and design a program that will suit your individual needs.  We offer the tools to help each individual work efficiently, productively and live a balanced lifestyle.

Contact us today to Enhance your well-being®, both inside and out of the office.