Back Pain Can Be A Royal Pain In The ___!

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Back Pain Can Be A Royal Pain In The ___!

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We are not surprised that the statistics are climbing when it comes to the enormous amount of people suffering from spinal pain. At DASHA® the chiropractors are well versed when it comes to treating conditions such as back and neck pain.

So who are the unlucky ones that have these pain issues? Well, some of the most common people affected are overweight, drink consistently, smoke and have a poor diet. But, here’s what’s even more interesting about it all, age doesn’t matter. These people are among the unlucky 80% of humankind who suffers from a “bad back.” In fact, lower back pain is one of the top issues we see Corporate America. So the next time you are sitting your desk, you should take into consideration the positioning of your body.

If you’ve been suffering with any type of back pain you know how annoying it can be. Back-pain can literally diminish your quality of life and unfortunately leave you on bed rest for weeks at a time. There are many steps you can take to help improve the overall health of your spine. First, you should practice better body mechanics and ergonomics on the way you move, walk and sleep you might alleviate pain and discomfort. At DASHA® we can’t stress enough to our patients/clients the importance of a healthy spine! According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) taking care of your spine, back and neck reduce the chances of potential back pain.

Here are a few helpful tips from the “Chiropractors” at DASHA®. Start off by following simple guidelines which focuses on good posture, fitness, eating healthy foods and proper sleep habits.

Staying hydrated is the fix for almost anything. Since you were a kid you probably heard your grandparents and parents stress how important it is to drink water. Of course, they were right! Drinking water keeps you well hydrated and helps to maintain soft tissue elasticity and fluidity in joints. This will help to prevent the discs from shrinking which can lead to having a painful disk condition.

Pay attention to your body! If you ignore spinal problems or have neck and back-pain it can lead to a more serious problem. So whether you are at the gym or at work, and you are feeling the pain come on, you should address it immediately.

Work smarter means proper ergonomics! If you are looking to reduce stress on both the lower and upper back, the best way of doing this is by setting up your computer your height and functionality. This will reduce the frequency of conditions ranging from lower-back pain, headaches to carpal tunnel and sciatica. Choose a chair that provides lower back support, or ask your chiropractor for some helpful accessories to use at your desk.

Reduce the phone! Ugh, we all know the cell phones are just non stop, between all the texting, phone calls, and social media you most likely will find yourself with your neck in a kink and a possible migraine. Think about trying a headset, speaker or headphones or just simply take a break from technology.

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