Wellness Wednesday: Spring Spa Treatments

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Wellness Wednesday: Spring Spa Treatments

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May we say it, but is spring final upon us? Well, let’s not jinx anything but today is the first day of Spring! So, with the winter leaving us in the past (totally not sad over this breakup) and the flowers starting to bloom, now is the perfect time to clear up that dry skin you may have experienced in the winter. How do you do so? Let’s start with a little TLC.

When the winter comes the humidity levels drop causing the water in your skin to evaporate more quickly. This causes your skin to feel dry and tight, making it look flaky because your skin loses more than 25% of its ability to hold moisture during the winter season. As well, we spend more time in the winter and unfortunately indoor heating is not your skin’s best friend. It tends to dry out your mucous membranes which are leading factor into why you may experience chapped lips dry noses, and dry throats during the winter more frequently than any other season.

At DASHA® we offer two luxury spa treatments that will help heal your dry skin and get you ready for the warmer months ahead.

Paraffin Spa Treatment – Smooth, heal and moisturize your skin with this indulgent treatment. It also aids in opening pores, increasing localized circulation and promote deeper relaxation by using peach and lavender scented paraffin wax.

White Glove Hand and Foot Treatment – In 25 minutes you’ll experience the smoothest skin imagainable! Place your hands and feet inside heated booties and let our secret serum work it’s magic.  

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