Six Ways to Refuel your Energy Every Day

//Six Ways to Refuel your Energy Every Day

Six Ways to Refuel your Energy Every Day

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Does that morning cup of iced vanilla coffee with almond milk just seem to not be doing the trick lately?

Well, that could be because your body sometimes needs a more powerful refuel. Think about it, cars can’t run without gasoline, likewise, your body requires fuel for energy. Here at DASHA® we are wellness sanctuary that educates, inspires, and guides you to live a healthier life. With that being said we are strong believers in making these six strategies part of our daily routines to help you take on each day!

Catching more zzz’s – This may be an obvious one, but many times we believe that skipping on that extra 30 minutes of sleep means 30 more minutes in the day to get things done. While that might be true, you most definitely aren’t doing your body any good by jeopardizing your much needed sleep. So, instead try winding down 30 – 45 minutes early every night, and set a consistent bedtime. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel in the morning!

Take mini recharges – Your body needs to recharge, just like your cell phone. So, every 90 minutes try sneaking away to a quiet place, close your eyes, take in a deep breath, and exhale your stress. Your body and mind will get quieter and you’ll feel more relaxed. Want to learn more about personal affirmation practice and how to bring the feeling of deep peace off the yoga mat and into your busy, stressful life? Well, DASHA® is here you guide you! To book your next appointment at DASHA® click here.

 Take advantage of your morning stretch

Take advantage of your morning stretch

Check off that list – There’s no better feeling than checking off that list! The more you jot down on a piece of paper, the less your mind will be racing during the day. So get up in the morning, start that list, and start checking it off!

Get up and move – Sometimes that 15 minute power nap does more damage than good. Instead, switch it up a bit and take a jog or run outside. With the Fall season here as well, it’s the perfect weather to take in that crisp air and recharge your body and soul.

Practice appreciation – It’s time for an appreciation post! Well, maybe not literally, but taking some time during the day to appreciate yourself and the people around you actually is more important than you think. So, get rid of that negative energy and let the good vibes flow. You’ll be surprised how this not so recognizable strategy leaves you feeling!

Out of office – Making the transition between your office life and home life can sometimes be changeling. Especially in the world we live in (thanks cell phones). But it’s so important to remember that you need your time away from your email.  If you find yourself struggling to disconnect and refuel stop by DASHA® for a little (Me time.)

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