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New Year 2020 Pro Tips

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As a year of new beginnings awaits us all, we find ourselves reflecting on the past and focusing on what’s to come.

2020 is the perfect opportunity to recommit to your health, well-being and the start of  your new journey.

Regardless of our cultures, religions, and/or beliefs, the biggest commonality between everyone’s hopes for the New Year is to bring change for the better.  And any change can happen, especially if you have a positive mindset.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that positivity doesn’t exclusively mean putting on a smile and always looking your best, most often the most powerful positivity is how you approach your day-to-day challenges. This mindset doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact, it’s better when it’s kept to DASHA’s 3 Simple Pro Tips:

Pro Tip 1 Think about a word that means so much to you and put it into action. This word can be anything from health to love, to balance or career! Keep that word in mind and allow it to shape your day. Find purpose in making that word your daily mantra.

Pro Tip 2 Incorporate your chosen word into your daily routine, through various channels. Take notice of how it makes you feel. Latch on to the positive attributes this word brings to your spirit, and write down those feelings!
Pro Tip 3 Set your purpose. When you do something with purpose, do it with determination.
Remember New Year’s Day is your Day 1. It will take time to get adjusted to your positive mindset shift, but guess what? You can do it!
Happy New Year from all of us here at DASHA®!

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