From the Shrink: How busy professionals can maximize family time during the holidays

//From the Shrink: How busy professionals can maximize family time during the holidays

From the Shrink: How busy professionals can maximize family time during the holidays

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The current movement, Movemeber, is a great time to become aware of men’s health issues.  In the city that never sleeps, most male executives think that they don’t have time to manage their health, focus on their families, and excel at their careers simultaneously.  However, they can create a healthy balance by taking an emotional inventory of themselves when they have brief windows of free time.  I am in the business of helping people maintain their mental wellness in a world fraught with uncertainty, stress, and high expectations. I work with individuals to balance their emotional energy in a disciplined manner so that their work life, family life, and mental and physical health can work in harmony. Here are some suggestions to help men to better understand their emotional balance so that they can be present with their families during the holiday season.

1) Close the door at work: In the growing digital world, it is harder and harder not to take work home with you.  Information and contact are instantaneous, and it is difficult to prevent separate aspects of life from merging. The strength of a family depends on all members being there emotionally as well as physically. Take the time to create boundaries in your life by keeping work out of the home. Start by remembering to turn off smartphones once home for the night.  This small act helps keep the immediate notifications and phone calls at bay and allows you to gain a small amount of control over putting an end to your business day. It is this conscious decision that “I” have ended my work day “now” that is so important. This frees your mind to experience being at home with family.

2) Tie up loose ends during your commute: Many New Yorkers have a fairly long commute to and from their work and home. If possible, use this time to take care of last minute details that must be accomplished for work. Manage your calendar and draft some emails. We all have a commute of some kind, so why not use the time wisely? Multitasking on a commute reminds us of the boundaries that we have made so that we may be present when we come home. However, try not to spend the whole trip focused on work.  When nearing home, take some time to rest your mind.  Listening to some calming music or playing something mindless (like Angry Birds) can help relax the mind and let go of work preoccupations.

3) Take 5!: I am constantly hearing from women married to men who arrive home each day like “ice men” and not emotionally present. They complain that their husbands don’t ask them about their day and that they often don’t want to discuss their own. This all too common problem is easily resolved. Tell your wife or significant other that you need five minutes after walking in to put down your coat, wash your face, and hear nothing but quiet before coming out to greet the family. If you follow through on your commitment to return to your family and are then able to focus on them, than this will soon become a regular routine.

4) Work it out: Lastly, it is no secret that a large part of Movemeber is, well, movement.  Many men know that time at the gym is the best way to start taking care of their overall health. It is the ideal time to get out anxieties and stress that build up from sitting at your desk or staring at a computer all day. Why not also use it as time to exercise your mind? Gym time occupies the body so that the mind can focus. Use this time to focus on yourself and reflect on the progress that you have made in your work-life balance while also setting up physical goals for your workouts. It is not often that we take time to think positively about ourselves. Use this time to practice these habits.

Remember, all good habits are learned with practice. Rise up to the challenge! Create rigid boundaries between work and home life today. You will be able to enjoy holiday festivities and vacations to their fullest!



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