Marathon Training Day 15

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Marathon Training Day 15

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Date:January 22, 2018

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Training Download: Intervals – 4 miles/ Warmup: 1 mile nice & relaxed/ Intervals: 1 x 1 Mile/ Intervals: 3 x 3 minutes/ Warmdown: 1 mile nice & relaxed

Today’s Sha-nan-igans You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Believe The Hype” when discussing endorphins, and for good reason.

Endorphins are your body’s natural pain killers and when released, they give you a noticeable “HIGH.”  That’s why I love HIIT Class! It’s not always about the teacher. HIIT is about you “training intensely.” I am a mover and shaker and feed off the energy that New York City has to offer. I have tried so many times to move out of this intense city and then I say to myself, “SHIT, I’d be bored, lose my edge, have road rage, and of course, no seamless!”

I’m a pretty intense woman to begin with, so I need balance otherwise I feel off since I cant always have my #bestie, who helps to balance the Gemini in me, I choose to exercise almost daily. The crazy release of endorphins, often feeds my soul. After a workout I leave feeling less likely to surrender to stress because I am balanced. Whether I am sprinting it out, lifting weights or taking a hot yoga class my body responds in a positive way to training intensely.

Ladies and Gents, if you already have joined the #fitness craze,  you might have already noticed, working out at the gym may benefit you with workin’ it in the bedroom.

So besides enhancing your well-being® and self-image, which is pretty sexy in itself, your endorphins are helping pump up your sex drive.  Your endorphins help pump up your sex drive. This is all bringing a new spin to the term “HOT” yoga!

We obviously know the natural health benefits behind exercise, but isn’t it awesome to see how all that sweat can turn into something so sexy?

Question: Do you think sweat is sexy?

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