Hip Bursitis

Young man having hip pain Hip Bursitis While Pilates cannot treat hip bursitis, it can prevent future occurrences of this painful inflammation. A certified Pilates instructor can guide you through a customized series of leg circles, hip circles, [...]

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Chronic Neck Pain

Close up suffering male pain in neck isolated Chronic Neck Pain The sustained stretches and attention to form that characterize Pilates are the very qualities that can help heal chronic neck pain. Over time, Pilates relieves pressure placed [...]

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Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Back Pain In Pilates, you become aware of the neutral alignment of your spine and strengthen the deep postural muscles of your back that support this alignment. Over time, Pilates corrects postural asymmetries, relieving stress on your back. A [...]

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Pain Management Explained

Chronic back pain is one of the most agonizing pains to endure. For people who deal with the unending discomfort that back pain brings, pain management becomes a necessary way of life. Complete healing is the ideal, but for many, [...]

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