I Ran A Marathon/Race… Now What?

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I Ran A Marathon/Race… Now What?

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Now that the New York City marathon is over (and other races you may have been in), all of us can feel like winners, but there’s no better time to keep up with our running schedules then right now! Running can put a little stress and some pain on the body, but it will only make us stronger if we keep going with it. Here are a few tips to help keep you going, even when you truly feel like giving up.

  1. Have a game plan in mind! Giving up and waiting until the next marathon to run again can be a lot easier to do (though you shouldn’t!) because you don’t have a goal you are striving towards. There are plenty of apps you can use to help you come up with a good plan to better your performance and help you run longer.
  2. Try signing up for another race ASAP. This will also help you with having that certain goal in mind to strive towards and holding you accountable.
  3. Eat good wholesome foods. Prepare for your run by eating the right food and properly fueling your body. For some this might be a light snack, while others may be able to eat a whole meal before they get out and get going on the track.
  4. Take breaks when needed. If your body is telling you it’s sore and tired, it might be good for you to take a break for a day or two before continuing with your schedule.

Following these steps will surely help you to keep right on schedule and continue with your daily runs. 

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