I Just Saged My LIFE


I Just Saged My LIFE

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Not going to lie, I have been facing some serious issues in my New York City apartment recently. Without getting TOO into it, I will share a little on why I said, “It’s time to SAGE!”

I had just returned from the most amazing trip to Greece (read about it here  and came home to a host of unresolved issues to deal with. My daughter’s room had a leak that was not taken care of properly, my air conditioning was out of whack, the water filter on my refrigerator broke at least 3x (that’s putting it nicely), and my staircase in my duplex felt a bit wobbly.

We all have our breaking point, and I had hit mine. I remembered my mom gave me a Sage bundle when I moved into the apartment. Funnily enough, she was the final tipping point that morning. I whipped out my bundle of cleansing sage and got to work. I knew it was time to gain back control of my life. Plus, my kids were away at camp so that’s two humans less to worry about!


Saging, or the practice of burning sage, is an ancient technique used by many different cultures (more recently in Native American culture). The idea behind saging is that the smoke of the sage absorbs negative energy in the space it’s burned in. And boy, was I surrounded by negative energy! As the smoke clears, so do the bad vibes. Saging in your home can protect from all evil.

My bundle of sage ready to be lit

My bundle of sage ready to be lit

To begin your SAGING ritual, light the tip of the bundle on fire. It’s the SMOKE that clears the negativity, so the bundle does not need to be flaming while you’re moving it around. We’re not trying to burn anything down here. Walk around your home and make sure the smoke gets in every space, nook, and cranny. Slowly waft through each room so that the scent fills it entirely. Then say goodbye to the bad juju!

It’s fine to sage as much as you want, but I find myself only doing it a few times a year, or when I really need it. The smell is rather pungent (smells kind of spicy!) I make sure to sage whenever I move into a new space, whether it’s home or at the office, because I have to start with a fresh slate! Don’t worry, the smell only lasts for about a day and then filters out like a candle. And it’s safe to breathe in– my doggies were following me around my apartment while I was saging, and got a little protection too 🙂

You can buy sage just about anywhere. See the below links on ideas on where to buy sage to cleanse your life. Say goodbye to bad vibes!

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