My Final Thoughts, Part I

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My Final Thoughts, Part I

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Without a doubt, my trip to Greece (I hopped from Mykonos, to Santorini, to Athens) was one of the best trips I have taken this year… and possibly ever! Wrapping up this trip, I wanted to give my final tips and tricks on where to go and what to do for those who have never traveled to Greece before. It is an insanely picture-esque country (I took many “Showtime” photos on this trip, that’s when you knew I meant picture time aka: business! Read more about it here.)

I would recommend spending at least 12-14 days on a trip to Greece —I went for 12 days and it was absolutely perfect! The journey over there was seamless. We flew Delta, who served us authentic Greek food to kick off the trip, and the most creative travel goodies in first class. They hooked us up with a cool little Tumi revitalizer kit/travel bag, filled with Kiehl’s products. Genius!

Nice move Delta! This lil bag was waiting on my chair as I boarded the flight. 

Nice move Delta! This “lil bag” was on my chair as I boarded the flight!

Take your time and research a few hot spots and must do’s you want to experience on your trip. Choose your islands wisely, and make certain you find out the distance from one island to the next. The last thing you want to do on your relaxing trip is to lose time stressing over flights and boats

I spent the first half of my trip in Mykonos, which is 100% known for the party. The people are so fun, and restaurants will regularly have DJs on their patios with insane views. One recommendation while in Mykonos is to check out the 180 Degrees Sunset Bar. We went 3 out of the 5 nights in Mykonos just to catch the sunsets. Not only were the views insane (hello gorgeous sunset), the restaurant also entertained us with live music and tasty apps.

The DJ at 180 Degrees Sunset Bar (and insane view)

The DJ at 180 Degrees Sunset Bar

My delicious frozen mojito. Not Keto friendly, but oh so good)

My delicious frozen mojito. Not Keto friendly, but oh so good

After a few spicy mojitos, I danced my a** off! I started “Showtime”, basically my new term for pictures, smiles, and SHA-NANIGAN®️s! I would recommend securing a table at 180 on the main floor in front of the DJ, plus you have your own private view of the sunset (great instagram shots).

For those who are unfamiliar, the Greek isles are basically giant volcanos, so the restaurants and hotels are situated mountainside. SHA’s TIP: DO NOT wear heels when you go out! Wedges are much better for the hilly terrain, but I would suggest packing a cute pair of espadrilles and two pairs of flats. To read all about what I packed in my suitcase for my trip click here.

One reason I highly suggest taking a trip to Greece is for the FOOD. From the souvlaki, gelato, baklava, Halloumi cheese, and spanakopita, I was in heaven. For the most part, I was able to stick to my Ketos diet because there were so many protein choices available. But anyone that knows me knows I was not going away for 12 days in Greece without tasting the traditional delicacies! SHA’s TIP: Prebook your restaurants through your hotel concierge. I would suggest booking two dinner times at two different spots because you might not be back in time from cocktail hour for the first dinner.

Luckily, fresh, ripe, and clean foods are predominant in Greece, so you are really eating only healthy ingredients for most of your meals. One of my favorite moments was venturing into the garden at our hotel in Oia, Santorini and picking ripe tomatoes straight off the vine. I could not believe how fresh the food tasted in Greece!

Sweet as sugar!

Sweet as sugar!

What more could I wish for, really? We even had the opportunity to spend the day on a yacht with friends in Santorini, and not only was a private chef on board, but we were treated to the most delicious fish, veggies, and specialty cocktails I have ever had! Floating in the clear, blue water of the Aegean Sea felt like a dream after that clean and delicious meal. I am forever grateful that we shared that experience with special friends.

Fresh, delicious seafood made by a private chef

Fresh, delicious seafood made by a private chef

Coming from New York, I really appreciated the hospitality of the people in the restaurants and hotels toward visitors of their country.

Mykonos is known for being party, party, party, but if you are looking for a destination to take your kids or to have a quieter trip, check out Santorini. In Santorini, everything is so still. It is picture perfect, just like watching a movie. I really enjoyed the opportunity to slow down. We watched the sunset just about every night. It was magical and so romantic! Also, the hospitality of the Greek people is unreal. Coming from New York, I really appreciated the hospitality in the restaurants and hotels toward visitors in their country. I was obsessed with the local vendors we met, where we picked up leather sandals, silver jewelry, olive oil (highly recommend), and other small souvenirs. I also recommend treating yourself to a massage or two while in Santorini (check out the Kallos Spa at the Andronis Hotel.

Just a beautiful canopy outside my room

A beautiful canopy outside my room

For those looking for something a little out of the box, check out the Kissingfish (YES, the one where the fish nibble off the dead skin cells on your feet!) I didn’t personally enjoy the experience, although my husband was able to handle it. I couldn’t get out quick enough!

The "Kissing Fish!" One of the strangest experiences I've ever had

The “Kissing Fish!

Greece was complete bliss for me. My recommendation is hit Mykonos for the parties on the first half of your trip, then finish off the vacation with a relaxing boat day or massage in Santorini. Don’t forget to check out the incredible history in Athens and Delos. Take the leap and experience a Greek adventure—you won’t regret it!

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