Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving

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Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving

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As we all know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. The best time to be spent with family and friends, finding ourselves grateful for the many things in our lives. Along with this, comes the long awaited Thanksgiving dinner (probably our biggest cheat meal of the year!). Prepping for this dinner can be tiring and certainly demanding as it takes the whole day, sometimes more, to do so. Before you set out on your prep, you should check out some of the luxury treatments DASHA® offers such as White Glove Hand and Foot Treatment and the Paraffin Spa Treatment.

The White Glove Hand and Foot treatment allows for total relaxation as you place your hands and feet inside heated booties for 25 minutes as our secret serum inside works to give you the softest skin ever!

As for The Paraffin Spa Treatment, it will smooth, heal and moisturize your skin while also opening up your pores, giving you better circulation, and deeper relaxation as you smell the scented lavender and peach paraffin wax.


Book these services today, to get a little tranquility before your Thanksgiving festivities. For more information, click here.


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