Family Fun Day

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Family Fun Day

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It’s 2017, and more than ever, our kids are glued to their devices. Whether that’s their iPhone, iPad, Tablet, or TV, it can be hard to get their attention when they’re preoccupied by the lasted game or movie. These devices have the ability to teach kids different skills, and improve their vocabulary, math, science, and social skills – but there’s still something to be said about face-to-face interaction!

In order to keep a balance between electronics and family time, we’re taking it back to when we were younger, and putting a twist on family game night. Start by having a family meeting and ask your children what types of activities they would like to do (things that don’t involve electronics!).  Depending on the season, these can be activities like a game night, going to a trampoline park, visiting a fun museum, going ice skating, etc. By getting their input, you’ll make then feel like they really are getting to pick the fun family activity.

Once the activity is planned, make a rule where no one can be on their devices for the duration of the time together. This means parents too! Our kids learn from us and take our habits into their own lives, so we need to follow the same rules we’ve set for them.

No matter what the day, activity, or who chose what to do, instilling a routine of family fun day will create lasting memories that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives.

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