The Benefits of Breast Massage

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The Benefits of Breast Massage

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DASHA® Flagship location Floor Manager and Certified Massage Therapist Marina Dimicelli holds a certification in breast massage, so we took a moment to sit down with her and chat about the benefits of this type of massage.

Marina DiMiceli, Licensed Massage Therapist and Floor Manager of the DASHA Flagship Location.

Marina DiMiceli, Licensed Massage Therapist and Floor Manager of the DASHA Flagship Location.

DASHA®: What is a breast massage?

MARINA:  Breast massage is a useful tool in maintaining breast health. In breast massage, strokes such as effluerage and kneading are performed, using varying amounts of mild to moderate pressure in gentle lifting and compressive movements.

DASHA®:  Why should a woman get a breast massage?

MARINA:  Breast massage therapy increases circulation, ridding the body of toxins and helping your breasts to maintain their shape and reduce any sagging of the breast tissue. It also helps to reduce the incidence of fibroids and cysts.  Breast massage therapy provides relief from pain and stress associated with bra compression or pre-menstrual syndrome.  It can actually eliminate pain in the chest and strengthen the chest muscles, building resilience in your ligaments. It is also recommended to aid post-surgical recovery.

DASHA®:  How long does a breast massage last and what can a patient expect?

MARINA:  Length of the massage can vary slightly depending on the size of the breast tissue. The average length would be between 7-10 minutes for each breast. Some might feel awkward at first, but breast massage is, as I described, very beneficial to your breast tissue. Once a patient relaxes, she can enjoy it.

DASHA®:  Breast massages are not popular or well-known. Why is that?

MARINA:  That probably has to do with the fact that many women are uncomfortable letting a massage therapist touch their breasts, specifically because the breast tissue is very sensitive. But breast massage is up and coming, becoming more common.

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