SHAPE Women’s Half-Marathon Training Day 10

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SHAPE Women’s Half-Marathon Training Day 10

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Date: March 29th, 2018

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Training Download Evening HIIT Class

Today’s SHA-NANIGAN®️s Routine really matters to me especially when I am training for something or trying to complete a task off my bucket list. Today was complete madness and my schedule was thrown off due to an earlier start with the kids. But I worked it out! I got through the whole day with no workout. I’ll admit, I was a bit irritated and about 645 pm I finally said “F This Shit, I’m Out!” I hustled to a 7pm HIIT Class which is usually tough for me to get to. I knew if I didn’t release my stress in class it would be coming home with me and that was out of the question.

Question Do you ever ditch your workout because your routine is off schedule?

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