Exercise During Your Pregnancy,Yes Or NO?

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Exercise During Your Pregnancy,Yes Or NO?

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We all know how important exercise is in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But what happens when you become pregnant? Things can get a bit tricky and you might be feeling slightly uncomfortable. It’s not such a shocker, because your body needs to adjust carrying all the extra weight.  And don’t get overwhelmed if you suddenly feel yourself getting tired more quickly. Between all the exhaustion kicking in, and your body trying to adjust to this strange being growing inside you, we’re sure that working out is not at the top of your list!

You should definitely be aware of all fitness options running from coast to coast. But first, let’s talk about the real benefit behind fitness. Physical exercise is a activity that people do to either improves or maintain their fitness level, overall health and well-being. When you participate in physical activity during pregnancy, it is important to note any discomforts you may be having. Regardless of how active you were pre-pregnancy, most doctors will recommend you taking it easy during those critical and fragile first thirteen weeks. We get it, however this does NOT give you the free pass to remain sedentary for the duration of your pregnancy. Unless of course, you were restricted by your doctor.

If you are a first time pregor, you might want to tune in on what can happen with belly growth. As your belly gets bigger, you can lose your sense of balance and coordination. It’s very important to be mindful of your surroundings and try to where flats or sneakers with lots of support.

So what can and can’t you do? Well, this is tricky because it’s different for every woman.

  • First rule of thumb is FOLLOW DOCTORS ORDERS! Once you have the green light you might want to consider trying some low-impact exercises, such as walking, jogging, yoga, or swimming. They tend to be safe during any trimester and help to keep the circulation flowing.
  • If you didn’t really exercise prior to your pregnancy, begin with a low-level of exertion and work yourself up to 30 minutes per day, 3 to 5 times per week. Staying active actually helps to reduce your risk of pregnancy complication, ease pregnancy discomforts, like lower backaches of pregnancy and even help prepare your body for labor and delivery.

Keep in mind if you are experiencing any type of aches and pains in your lower back and neck, you should consult with your OBGYN for some recommendations. They might suggest adding Chiropractic Care into your routine. Chiropractic Care is also known to help control symptoms of stress and anxiety, regulate the hormone levels that may even improve your sleep. Chiropractors DC, are trained to work with women who are pregnant, and may use tables or specific modalities that adjust for a pregnant woman’s body, along with techniques that avoid unneeded pressure on the abdomen.

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