Review: Encore Shakes

///Review: Encore Shakes

Review: Encore Shakes

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What is it: “EnCore nutritional shake is an effective and a powerful formula designed to enhance nutrition, invigorate health and boost strength” – KAV ENCORE 

This is a low-fat, nutrient heavy shake. One serving gets you almost half of your daily recommended vitamin D, and about a quarter of your calcium & iron. It also includes both pro- and pre-biotics for a healthy gut, as well as Omega-3 fatty acids. One box contains single serve packets with powder that can be mixed with cold water, dairy or nut milk of your choice.

Pros: I liked this shake. The flavors are great and come in the standard chocolate and vanilla, as well as coffee, chai (my fave), and matcha! These pouches are so easy to take on the go and storage is convenient because the box is small (as opposed to some of the bigger protein containers!) This shake can get very creamy depending on what you mix it with.

Cons: I’m not so much into the whey base —if you have a sensitive stomach it can make you feel a little bloated. However, this could be great for anyone who likes whey-based shakes and is looking to gain some extra calories on their side!

KAV ENCORE Nutritional Shakes, in Chocolate, Vanilla, Chai, Matcha, and Coffee, $65 (box of 15 packets)

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