Men’s Health Week: Dr.Bradley Bloom, MD

///Men’s Health Week: Dr.Bradley Bloom, MD

Men’s Health Week: Dr.Bradley Bloom, MD

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Dr. Bradley Bloom, MD -Dermatology

This week (June 11th – 17th) is Men’s Health Week! The goal is to raise awareness about health issues that disproportionately affect men and encourage them to take control of their health, whether that means taking better care of their hygiene or learning to manage stress. In honor of the occasion, I interviewed some of the most powerful and inspiring guys I know.

Dr.Bradley Bloom, MD is a highly trained doctor who specializes in dermatology, laser dermatology, Mohs micrographic. Dr. Bloom, was the first inductee into the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Geronemus Fund for the Advancement of Mohs Surgery.

On a personal note, I am a patient of Dr. Blooms, and sometimes patients don’t see themselves objectively. We look in the mirror every day to make sure we are happy before we leave the house and things can bother me. Dr. Bloom is trained to study the overall cosmetic appearance. So before I fixate on something he explains what steps I can take to prevent things happening in the near future. He sets up a prevention plan that works according to my personal lifestyle.

Shannon: How did you get into the dermatology field?

Dr. Bloom: I have always loved the sciences and medicine. Dermatology is a specialty that allows me to combine these two loves in caring for patients by using cutting-edge technology. I have been incredibly fortunate to have mentors in my life that have allowed me to participate in research of amazing technologies from the newest lasers to cosmetic fillers.

Why are health and wellness important to you?

Health and wellness are critical to living a long happy life. We need to respect our bodies and treat them with care because we only get one! From prevention of skin cancer with regular sunscreen use, to regular exercise for cardiovascular health, to laser and injectable filler procedures that restore a natural and youthful appearance, there are so many opportunities for us to ensure we are feeling our best

What about health and wellness do you think is a common misconception particularly for men?

There is a huge misconception that it is not masculine for a man to care about his body in the same way as our women counterparts. This isn’t true

Women tend to have more extensive skincare regimens than men. Does a man’s skin age differently than a woman’s?

There are indeed differences between men and women in facial anatomy which communicate masculinity vs. femininity. Men tend to age linearly with age in contrast to women who tend to see more age-related changes following menopause. Men also typically develop deeper and more severe wrinkles with age compared to women because men typically have a thinner subcutaneous fat layer and have greater facial movement. Despite deeper lines that develop with time, men generally have thicker skin which may lead to fewer facial lines overall when compared to women.

There are many other fundamental dissimilarities between male and female aesthetics, and it is critical to be evaluated by a physician who has a deep understanding of these differences to restore a natural and youthful appearance and create natural-looking improvements.

What are some treatments and types of products that men should be using to combat signs of aging?

Number one? Everyone needs to protect their skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, making sunscreen critical to any skincare routine. Not only can sunscreen prevent sunburns but it also reduces the risk of skin cancer and helps prevent the signs of skin aging. You want a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, Broad Spectrum coverage because it will protect against UVA and UVB rays, and one that is water resistant if you are going to be very active. Topical retinoids are also great because they can help address Photoaging (wrinkles and skin roughness) and I’d always recommend a good moisturizer as it is essential for keeping the skin barrier intact and the skin hydrated.

You say sunscreen is so important, how should you be applying it?

It is so important to remember you have to reapply every two hours or after swimming and excessive sweating. Reapplying is always the hardest thing to get people to remember to do.

What types of skincare products and treatments do you think more men should be using and getting and why?

We are seeing a considerable increase in the number of men coming in for treatments like Botox to relax wrinkles, injectable fillers to revolumize the face naturally, and an increase in laser treatments to improve the color and quality of the skin. I think the most important thing for a man to do is to have a thorough evaluation by a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to address these concerns appropriately and build an individualized treatment plan!

Another treatment I think most people don’t know about is miraDry® which is an FDA cleared non-invasive energy device used permanently reduce underarm sweating. Men and women complain of excessive underarm sweating, and we see many male patients who wear a suit jacket all day at work and are too embarrassed to take their jacket off because of excessive sweating. miraDry® is a fantastic solution for these patients and studies have shown 82% sweat reduction that is sustained after treatment!

What type of treatment do you offer for men with thinning hair?

We offer many different treatments based on the cause of hair loss. One of the more popular therapies we offer, in combination with other treatment modalities, is the injection of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) which studies suggest can help increase the number and diameter of hairs.

Are there any new technologies/treatments that you’re particularly excited about?

One of my favorite treatments to help improve skin texture and tone is the Halo™ which is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser. This laser uses two wavelengths of light during the same treatment improve both superficial and deep imperfections in the skin. With this device, we can completely customize procedures to address each patient’s unique concerns and minimize any downtime.

What’s your skincare regimen like?

I cleanse twice daily with a gentle facial cleanser that contains alpha hydroxy acids (skinbetter OXYGEN INFUSION WASH). I use a hyaluronic acid moisturizer after cleansing (Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Gel-Cream). Nightly, I use a non-irritating retinoid (skinbetter  ALPHARET® OVERNIGHT CREAM). And I talked about it so much already, facial sunscreen! (Elta MD UV Clear)

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