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Start on your path to living a healthy and fit life! Remember exercise is the key component for creating and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. At DASHA® we have made it a top priority to help educate the clients on how to make physical fitness a lifestyle, rather than an option. As a lifestyle, physical fitness requires a combination of education, nutrition, cardiovascular activity, balance, strength, and flexibility. Rest assure the DASHA® “independent client providers” will assist here every step of the way.


Each client will complete a comprehensive physical examination, which helps measurable data for understanding your current physical strengths and weaknesses. This process will help to create a tailor made program to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. Depending on the individuals body performance and assessment the”independent client provider” will evaluate the best program for you. Because we believe in personalized care, it has been instilled in each employee on the team. Each client develops a trusting relationship with their provider and therapist who personally oversees the programs for acute rehabilitation, general health improvement, and athletic performance.

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DASHA® “independent client providers” follow a comprehensive fitness program that can add on all the additional widgets one might need to challenge oneself. As you work together to create a unique fitness plan that complements your body’s structure and abilities, you will also learn to enrich your personal lifestyle. While some may regain strength through personal training and running marathons, others may be prescribed yoga and Pilates for flexibility. Physical fitness, as a holistic lifestyle, has positive mental and emotional effects and strengthens the connection between mind and body. DASHA®’s personalized fitness services help you recharge, stay energized and transform your body and mind while elevating your lifestyle.

DASHA® “independent client providers” practice Preventative Medicine combining both standard and alternative medical practices with state-of-the art and time tested fitness modalities and programs. The market is now moving in that directed area of more personalized care, and more understanding of what is important to the individual and through the advances of the fitness technology world.  Real data provides the clients with a sense of security and understanding on how they can develop the perfect fitness plan around their personal lifestyle.DASHA WELLNESS is a trademarked logo owned by DASHA Entereprises,llc


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 Technologies such as big data analytics and wearable fitness trackers are ushering in a new era of corporate wellness, and evolving toward more targeted interventions which seek to address individual employees’ health care concerns.  DASHA® and the like minded “independent client providers” go on site and provide an education to promote health and wellness, in the workforce. A true hybrid, DASHA® combines the lifestyle and wellness services by “independent client providers” offering programs that integrate a comprehensive medical analysis and treatments with a personalized tailored exercise programs.
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