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For some, wellness is health maintenance and prevention, for others, it’s freedom from pain. However you define it, wellness is about achieving an optimal quality-of-life. Whether you have a sports-related injury, nerve damage, back trouble, or just want to feel strong and healthy, DASHA®s “independent client providers” can guide you on your wellness journey!

DASHA® “independent client providers” use a hands-on 360-degree approach to your wellness, enhancing their clients well-being by educating them to set higher goals and standards for themselves and using integrative technology and both nonsurgical and alternative medical techniques to incorporate a broad range of assessments and treatments. This combination of various disciplines enables “independent client providers” to assess, review, and build your personalized, comprehensive wellness program.

If you are seeking treatment for an acute situation or chronic care management from DASHA WELLNESS®, you will be directed to a specific “independent client provider” for care.

If you are injury and pain free, and seeking to overall Enhance your well-being®, you will start with an “independent client provider” and undergo a 360-degree comprehensive assessment including a Body Functional Movement Assessment, Athleticism Level and Anthropometric Measurements including: Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Height, Weight, Circumferences, and Body Composition.

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