Owner & Founder, DASHA®  Shannon Russo-Pollack

Owner & Founder, DASHA®  Shannon Russo-Pollack

“Surround yourself with people who inspire you”

The DASHA® brand Encompasses integrated health, wellness, and lifestyle services to Enhance your well-being®DASHA was founded in 2009 and quickly became a second home to urban professionals, moms, dads and teens that needed to create balance in their lives by nurturing their mind, body, and soul. DASHA provides services inside two New York City landmark locations where clients can escape the daily stresses of life and attain optimal health.

Shannon Russo-Pollack (SHA) is the Founder and powerhouse behind the DASHA® Brand, and has earned a stellar reputation as an Authentic Lifestyle Expert in the Health and Wellness industry. This determined boss-lady has dedicated herself to helping others find their voice and achieve total body health by offering them customized programs and all-inclusive experiences to meet their lifestyle needs.

SHA recently launched FitSHA to inspire others to move and feel better through online physical fitness instruction and motivational challenges supported by health professionals at DASHA. She is a sought-after “best practices” consultant to other fitness and medical entrepreneurs, and champions of mental health and well-being through her participation in endurance races and by creating community around her many charitable endeavors.

SHA is committed to her lifelong mission of empowering and motivating people to lead healthier lives through a 360′ degree approach to their wellness. She resides in Manhattan with her husband, two teenage children, and their two adoring pups, Vince and Frankie Blue.