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The vision of DASHA® began with a dream, a commitment, and a desire to create a healthy environment where people could go to be heard, feel good about themselves, and receive much needed “Me” time. DASHA® serves some of New York’s most compassionate and prominent professionals as well has hundreds of Corporations, Non Profit Organizations providing them with wellness, lifestyle, medical, and fitness services.

Founded in 2008, the DASHA® brand is housed in two Manhattan landmark locations and was formed to enhance the quality of life for it’s busy clients. DASHA® provides a healthy and nurturing environment for busy ladies and gentlemen to escape the daily hustle and bustle, and reconnect their mind body and soul.

DASHA® Enterprises, llc is the marketing force behind the DASHA® brand, “powered by DASHA®”, and provides a unique concierge booking, corporate wellness events and all-inclusive marketing experience for providers. DASHA® Enterprises, llc has developed a comprehensive menu of lifestyle and wellness services. At DASHA®, we customize each approach through a selection of signature treatments and therapies to elevate your experience.

As purveyors of health and wellness, DASHA® addresses the whole body with its integrated 360′ menu of services. Well-known for its trademarked tagline “Enhance your well-being®, DASHA® offers full care of Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Massage, Pilates,  Fitness , Holistic and Wellness Programs created just for you, tailored to meet your personal needs. These services are provided by DASHA® “independent client providers” a talented team of licensed medical, fitness, and lifestyle providers whom raises awareness while educating on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. DASHA® “independent client providers” share the DASHA® philosophy of total body health and bridge the connection between mind and body for optimal well-being.

We are simply dedicated to supporting you on your journey to “Enhance your well-being®

Healthy Regards,