Our Story

The DASHA® Brand was designed to offer a truly holistic approach to wellness. DASHA® brand has become the moving force behind some of New York’s most compassionate and prominent professionals.

This New York City based Lifestyle Company, offers concierge & marketing services to like minded professionals in the wellness, lifestyle and fitness industries. Shannon strategically looks for “independent client providers and professionals’ who share her philosophy of total body health to bring clients an all-inclusive wellness experience.

SHA is the powerhouse behind the brand DASHA®. As an entrepreneur and motivator, Shannon has learned that being open-minded is key to building healthy relationships. A fierce networker and philanthropist, SHA has leveraged her connections to develop strategic partnerships in the lifestyle and wellness industry.

Well-known for the trademarked tagline “Enhance your well-being®” DASHA®, under SHA’s leadership and dedication has become a highly distinguished brand raising awareness while educating the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. This recognition has influenced the DASHA® philanthropic initiatives and causes in the community.

SHA has meticulously designed a sanctuary for busy New Yorkers to escape the daily hustle and bustle. DASHA® housed in two Manhattan landmark locations offers a unique concierge experience with an extensive menu of lifestyle, holistic and wellness services which include, chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture, postural ergonomics, pilates, personal training, yoga, and a variety of fully customizable programs and packages.