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Physical State


Shannon Russo-Pollack is the Founder of DASHA®, a healthy lifestyle brand of wellness centers that has inspired and guided thousands of New Yorkers to live healthier lives. For nearly a decade, DASHA® has served as a popular sanctuary for busy professionals to escape the daily stresses of the real world and nurture their mind, body and soul.

A lifelong entrepreneur, a tremendous passion for wellness, living a healthy lifestyle and understanding of fitness was all it took for Shannon to begin her journey and help conceptualize healthy living and corporate wellness for a new breed of over-stressed, always-connected professionals. Her dream took shape early on when became a wife and mother. Eventually, with her personal and professional lives intertwined, she sought every opportunity to steal moments of serenity for herself. The more complex life became, the harder those moments were to find and seize.

“Get ready to drop your inhibitions and find your inner SEXY

Shannon Russo-Pollack recently launched DRENCHED™ where you can find answers and tips on how to “Unlock Your Full Potential.” Her Daily Sha-nanigans™ focuses on healthy tips in a raw & honest form reframing the wellness and lifestyle content to a more relatable tone. “Get ready to drop your inhibitions and find your inner SEXY.”

Shannon has earned a reputation as an Authentic Lifestyle Expert in the Health and Wellness industry. In addition to building the DASHA® brand from the ground up, and making her name known inside corporations, Shannon strategically consults “best practice” for other entrepreneurs from healthy food companies to fitness and medical facilities.  She is actively involved in many community related topics that involve mental health and well-being, non profit organizations and and endurance events. Shannon and her family currently reside in Manhattan with VINCE and Frankie Blue.