How to Prepare for your “First Visit”

//How to Prepare for your “First Visit”
How to Prepare for your “First Visit” 2020-04-11T00:54:12-04:00

How to Prepare for your “First Visit”

The “Billing Specialists” are happy to assist you with any questions you may have about your insurance coverage or billing matters. Prior to your initial visit, you will be verified and explained your insurance and inform you of your complete benefits package.

Step 1  The Verification Process

To complete the “Insurance Verification” process  you must submit your insurance verification information. This can be done through the “insurance verification link above or by calling 212.755.5500 Ext 1. Once your insurance plan has been verified, a Benefits Coordinator from the “Billing Company” will contact you and provide you with a verbal review of your insurance coverage. This breakdown will include therapies, copays and deductibles.

Step 2   Scheduling Your First Appointment

Once your insurance has been verified and reviewed with you, you may then schedule your first appointment with our a member of the DASHA® Concierge Team by calling 212.755.5500 Ext 1 or email

Step 3  Start Your Paperwork

 Our goal is to make certain that you receive a seamless wellness experience and allow for more time! To help speed up the process of your initial paperwork, we ask that you complete the “History Form” above and submit it online or print it out and deliver it to the DASHA® concierge upon arrival. *Please note if you choose to submit electronically, all information will go directly to our HIPPA Compliant server.

What to expect upon your “First Visit”

You will be greeted with a nice BIG smile from the DASHA® Concierge Team! All you need to do is make yourself comfy, enjoy a refreshment and relax.  You will receive a complete “Client Welcome Kit” along with a copy of the reviewed Insurance Coverage (for your personal records) 

  • Complete any necessary paperwork that was not submitted online
  • Be sure to read, review the Notice of Privacy Policy
  • Financial (authorized signature needed)
  • Consent Form (authorized signature needed)
  • Acknowledgment (authorized signature needed)

Please advise either the Concierge or the “Billing Company” of any changes to your insurance plan

What to bring to your “First Visit”

  • Photo ID / License / Passport
  • X-rays/ MRI/ CD
  • Insurance Card
  • Medical Records
  • Last Blood Workup

Thank you for choosing DASHA® to be your health and wellness advocates!

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