What Are Winter Allergies?

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What Are Winter Allergies?

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you can’t stop sneezing, coughing aggressively, and seem to be having tissues on hand 24/7 in the Winter? A cold right?! Actually, these may be signs that you are experiencing some serious Winter Allergies and they are a lot more common than you would think.

While pollen may be a major cause of Spring allergies, indoor allergies such as mold and dust mites will be a main force behind that runny nose and watery eyes because we find ourselves spending more time indoors when the temperature drops We also tend to turn up that fireplace during this season, which sends dust into a frenzy!  

Some common causes of Winter Allergies include…

  • Dust Mites These microscopic (and we really mean microscopic) bugs play a HUGE factor in allergies. They flourish in cozy places like your mattresses and bedding. But, how they mainly cause allergies is when their droppings and remains become airborne.
  • Mold These nasty fungus thrive in damp and humid areas. Such as basements and bathrooms. When this happens, the mold spores get released into the air and this triggers all sorts of allergy symptoms.
  • Animals:Our furry four legged friends may also play a factor in your winter allergies and you don’t have to be allergic to animals to feel the effects. Rather than being allergic to their fur, many are allergic to a protein found in the pet dander and saliva.

Common symptoms include, coughing, itchy eyes and nose, runny nose, watery eyes, lots of sneezing, and coughing. So, how do you determine if your symptoms are from a common cold or allergies? Well, a cold will usually come with a fever and/or aches and pains, but usually doesn’t last in the body for more than 10 days. Allergies usually will linger for WEEKS or even MONTHS, but do not normally come with a fever, body aches or chills.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms please contact your primary health doctor to rule out any other causes. Stay healthy everyone!


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