Studio Spotlight: TRUFUSION

//Studio Spotlight: TRUFUSION

Studio Spotlight: TRUFUSION

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Studio Spotlight: TRUFUSION

Workout Type: HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, Weight Training, Barre

Location: Southampton – 5 Windmill Lane, Suite 4, Southampton, NY 11968

SOHO – Opening Fall 2018

Cost: $30 (One Day Unlimited), $149.99 (Monthly Unlimited Package)

What To Expect (Based on the classes I tried!)

Tru Barefoot Bootcamp

“This class is a true test of mobility, endurance and resilience through the combination of yoga, Pilates, kettlebells and other movement drills in a heated room. Athleticism will be challenged as new heights are reached. This is an efficient and effective use of time to build a mobile, strong, powerful physique.”

This one is TOUGH! I recommend this class for anyone looking for a intense workout, that’s barefoot especially athletes! I felt great and amazingly strong after, but don’t get me wrong, it was intense. The class is set in a 95-degree room and lasts for one hour. You’ll circle though resistance bands, hand weights, 2 different weighted kettle bells, 10 lb. sand bags, and test your endurance with a bit of dance moves and yoga. In this class, you get to do it all!

Sha’s Tip: Get a good night’s sleep and avoid alcohol the day before!!!

Tru Flow Heated

“A changeable all levels flow-based yoga class based upon the TruFusion Series. This class includes some simple arm balances and inversions. This version is taught with some heat and humidity.”

This is a 75-minute flow class is based on TruFusion’s own yoga series. The music is PUMPING in this class! Given the girls that run this Southampton studio are from Vegas, I was in for a high energy, bumpin’, dance-inspired yoga session. Our instructor was a dance teacher before TruFusion, and gave us a different perspective as we went through the experience. This class included balancing and inversions as well.

Sha’s Tip: Because the temp of the room decreases as the class progresses (it starts at 95-degrees), the heat is much easier to manage than a typical hot yoga class.

Soulful Sunday

“This class combines core-building Yoga exercises, and a rhythmic flow. Conducted in a heated room, this high-energy class builds strength and endurance.”

This 75-minute class is simply YUMMY. It is completely a Zen experience that will leave you wanting to grab some granola, a green apple and just chill out afterward! You are set up in two rows, with the two rows facing one another, and candles down the middle. The class starts out fast but then slows down. It is the perfect Sunday experience! Meditation included!


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