Trend Alert: Low-Cal Ice Cream

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Trend Alert: Low-Cal Ice Cream

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One of THE biggest trends these days are low calorie ice cream pints that have all sorts of added benefits like protein.

With the summer just around the corner, and the warm weather increasing the cravings for cold treats will definitely rise. It’s time to cave in and jump on the low-cal ice cream bandwagon.

Here are a few brands, and we’ve tested them so we can share our favorites!

Halo Top: DELICIOUS. That’s the word to describe Halo Top ice cream. The consistency of Halo Top is creamy, soft, and just like regular ice cream from the local shop around the corner. Not only is it low in calories, but it’s also low in sugar and high in protein. Coming in SEVENTEEN amazing kid flavors like Birthday Cake, Red Velvet, and Sea Salt Caramel, there’s a flavor for every ice cream lover. This is definitely our favorite of the bunch!

ENLIGHTENED: A TASTY better for you ice cream that’s packed with both protein and flavor. While it doesn’t taste as creamy as traditional ice cream, the flavor is still yummy and they even sell ice cream bars in a variety of flavors for 100 calories or less.

Artic Zero: If you’re more interested in ITALIAN ICE types of ice cream, than Artic Zero is the brand for you. The texture is a bit icy and similar to what you might get at your favorite pizza shop! They have a type of pints that are “chunky” and feature flavor chunks for a little added bonus.

Let us know your thoughts and you might just receive a surprise back from us!

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