What to Know About Training During Pregnancy

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What to Know About Training During Pregnancy

It was once thought that pregnant women should stay away from strenuous activities, but we now know that there are actually benefits to working out during those ninth months for both the mother and the baby – as long as you follow the advice below.  

Focus on maintaining your fitness, not breaking boundaries. It takes longer for the body to recover during pregnancy, so it’s important to know your limits. Stick to lower mileage jogs and lay off the heavy weights until the baby arrives.   

Nourish your body with healthy foods and lots of water. The child will start to pull on your reserve strength leaving you more fatigued than usual after exercise.  While you’re not supposed to “eat for two”, as this can lead to you gaining too much weight, this is the time to load your plate with as many vegetables and as much protein as possible to replenish your body of essential nutrients.  

Because you’ll be sweating more as your body works overtime to cool down both you and the baby, always keep a bottle of fluid on hand to rehydrate as often as possible.   

Don’t make excuses! Training while pregnant makes it easier to return to your routine and snap back into shape postpartum as opposed to if you totally gave up for nine months. All you have to do is take it steady. 

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