Powerful Intuition

///Powerful Intuition

Powerful Intuition

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Everything was doing just fine before we met. Now I’ve fallen to be that person waiting on the sidelines? Just in case you need me. “What the hell are we actually waiting for?”

The door seems to be closed tight, no one is knocking and yet your still waiting.  

  • Ask yourself, “will they change?”
  • Do they want to change?
  • Is the change even worth the wait?

Here’s a bit of advice,”Open that the door and just walk straight in!”

  • What do you really have to loose?
  • Scared of rejection?

Please, that’s the least of the worries! Oh’ if and when the rejection comes “It will redirect you to something even better.”

Let that shit go!

Life is filled with rejections, and many disappointments, this is true but it’s also filled with love and greatness! Start embracing your life, pursuing your truth, and focusing on all the gifts in your past, present, and future.

I speak lots about  “trusting your gut!” Have you acknowledged that feeling which lives so deep down inside, it’s the one that’s practically screaming to come out? Then just when it’s about to let loose that little voice barges in, and stops you dead in your tracks Or stop’s you from saying what you really need to get off your chest!

Have you heard of the sixth sense? It’s another word for a person’s natural intuition and it occurs when you need it most.

Check this situation out. You know for sure something isn’t “Kosher.” Nothing seems to make sense. You’ve got this strange feeling in your gut that this certain person is in some sort of trouble. Not so much trouble on the street, I am talking they’re fighting this insane battle within their own head of what they think they want, and what is actually good for them. Now they are stuck! Stuck in a place which is similar to purgatory, and who the hell want’s to be there? Like a schmuck you sit there wondering what else you can do to offer them support.

Now you seem to have fallen into your own personal rut, you can really use a friend and you wish you could share, but this person is so deep into their own self repair that they just have no more room for anything else.

So like a “Champ” you take it! You say to yourself “You’ve Got This, chin up, shoulders back” and you continue to get yourself all the way up to the top, as if you are running on that treadmill.” Physically you know you’ve got this, but just as your about to approach your final moments, you pause. You lose your concentration and for the next thirty seconds these thoughts enter your head. “You are certain that this other person is “you.” They notice the storm in your eyes. You know you both recognized it from the moment you met. You realize that you want to be at the top, with that person!”

Next thing you know you calm yourself down to reality, take a deep breath and say to yourself “wtf”! The timing just isn’t right. Your all rattled now. 

Here’s some advice, “if you see them passing by, remember “Chin Up” or simply give a “Quick Nod.”

No interaction, satisfaction and never ever give a reason to make them feel worse then they already do. Chances are they feel like crap and the truth is that S_ _ _ is broken! You know just by looking at their facial expressions, that they are feeling uncomfortable with their own actions and behavior. It might actually be easier to act this way rather than let your emotions out in the open for the world to see.

Right now you need to just step aside, and trust your intuition.




About the Author:

Shannon Russo-Pollack (SHA) is the Founder of DASHA® and powerhouse behind the DASHA brand. SHA strategically works with medical, wellness and lifestyle professionals who have a like minded philosophy of total body health and well-being. Using her entrepreneur skills, healthy lifestyle and passion for fitness to inspire others.