The Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Sports Injuries and Beyond

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The Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Sports Injuries and Beyond

I would give anything to be back on the pavement running instead of laying low to let my Peroneal muscle region strain heal, but there are aspects of the recovery process that aren’t half bad.

Recently, I’ve been visiting a podiatrist that I have known for over a decade but have never had to go to personally until now for whirlpool hydrotherapy treatments. They’re short and sweet and feel like putting my leg into a toasty hot tub (It got up to 110 degrees!).

The treatments are effectively designed to treat musculoskeletal injuries, improve blood circulation and deliver nutrients to injured tissue and decrease inflammation, ultimately speeding up recovery time. For me, this is an absolute must considering my tibia and ankle have had fluid build-up from not elevating my feet often enough (Seriously, it’s like I’m pregnant again!).

Hydrotherapy isn’t just for injuries like mine. The treatment can also soothe sore or inflamed muscles and joints, lower fevers, alleviate headaches, promote relaxation, soothe burns and frostbite, ease labor pains and clear up skin problems.

If you suffer from one of these issues, I would definitely recommend talking to your doctor about hydrotherapy!

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