Studio Spotlight: Tone House 

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Studio Spotlight: Tone House 

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Studio Spotlight: Tone House

Workout Type: Strength Training, Sports Conditioning

Locations: NoMad, Upper East Side

Cost: $40

What to Expect: Tone House can best be described as CrossFit on speed. It’s an extreme group fitness studio aimed at unleashing the inner athlete in everyone. Sessions are team-oriented, competitive, fun and supportive and guarantee optimal fitness results.

Because the workout is so tough, the studio recommends that newbies start out with the TH101 class. When we took it earlier this spring, the first thing the instructor asked was what we’ve heard about the workout. Someone quickly blurted out, “Hardest workout in New York!” and the trainer just smiled.

While it may be an intro class, it’s not easy. The warmup was performed at a pretty fast pace. Next, you’re paired with someone of equal physical stature for resistance training exercises using equipment like harnesses, weighted sleds and battle ropes. After this you’re working so hard that everything gets a little foggy.

Once you graduate from TH101, you can choose between total body classes, or classes that focus on different parts of the body. In every 60-minute class, there’s lots of agility and core work and no time for breaks. We love that there are only six to eight people in each class.



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