Studio Spotlight: RUMBLE


Studio Spotlight: RUMBLE

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Studio Spotlight:RUMBLE

Workout Type:Boxing, Strength Training

Locations:Chelsea, NoHo, Upper East Side (coming soon)

Cost: $34

What to Expect:This class is fun. According to co-founder Noah Neiman, that’s Rumble’s “secret sauce”. That, and it really works. Plus, the trainers are HOT!

We know boxing can sound intimidating. Will there be any beginners there? Will everyone be in sick shape?

At Rumble, the trainers make it easy to learn the basics, making it a perfect class for all levels. Throughout the class, which switches between cardio and strength training circuits, there are only six boxing moves to memorize – no advance technique required.

The minute you walk into the dark studio where hip hop beats are blasting, you feel motivated, fierce and ready to sweat.

At the beginning of the class, you’ll either start at the tear drop-shaped punching bags (they’re filled with water making it lower impact and more fun) or on the floor where you’ll use weights and a step. You complete two rounds in each section, alternating in between each so you’ll never be bored.

All of the boxing combinations and strength training reps are projected on screens in the studio so there’s no guessing what happens next.

As for the Rumble instructors, they are super knowledgeable, helpful and dedicated to the craft. You are sure to get a knock-out of a workout.

Are you ready to RUMBLE?

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