Studio Spotlight: Pure Barre

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Studio Spotlight: Pure Barre

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Studio Spotlight: Pure Barre

Workout Type: Low Impact, High Intensity

Locations: Various (check website for full list)

Cost: $34

What to Expect: If you’re feeling self-conscious about flabby arms or are looking to tighten that derriere – or both! – then a barre class is for you.

Pure Barre offers a combination of arm, butt, ab and leg workouts all in one class. Focusing on isolated small repetitive movements, the exercises are designed to build strength and muscle using a combination of tools like weights, balls and bands.

Although you are mainly working in tempo while squatting, doing kick-backs and squeezing your thighs, the burn is real. Since the movements are small, it can be hard to tell if you’re doing them correctly, but the teachers will correct your form if you need to adjust.

We didn’t love the not-so-motivating music choices (on the day we went, we heard electronic music that sounded like it belonged in an old jazzercise video) or the not-so-challenging abs portion of the class. You cancount on getting a good arm, leg and butt workout, however.

Are you ready to hit the barre?



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