Studio Spotlight: Flywheel FlyBarre

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Studio Spotlight: Flywheel FlyBarre

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Studio Spotlight: Flywheel and Flybarre

Workout Type:Spinning and Light Weight Training and Core Strengthening

Locations: Various around NYC (check websitefor full list)


What to Expect:Flywheel is a favorite among cycling studio enthusiasts who are motivated by numbers and like knowing exactly how hard they’re working.

As a guide, instructors give riders a range of torq (resistance) and RPM (speed) to stick with for each song. Depending on what numbers you hit (which you can see on a small screen at the top of the bike), you’re given a score at the end of class.

Because your body gets used to a workout if you do it over and over again, it’s important to switch things up. Flywheel makes this easy by offering Flybarre classes as well.

The full-body, high-energy workout integrates light weight training with a focus on core strengthening.

The cost of both classes includes cycling shoes (for spin classes), water, towels and fresh fruit so those muscles don’t freeze up on you.




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