SHAPE Women’s Half-Marathon Training Day 17

///SHAPE Women’s Half-Marathon Training Day 17

SHAPE Women’s Half-Marathon Training Day 17

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Date: April 6th, 2018

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Today’s Sha-nan-igans I couldn’t exactly say I had a restful trip because of all the drama we had but… I did come home with a healthy glow. Today, I went right back to my regular fitness routine. I must admit, it felt so damn good to be back. I love getting my sweat on, leaving all DRENCHED. Thank goodness I am back on track!

If you are looking to take on something new and want a bit of challenge try a HIIT Class. My class is usually filled with woman who are all trying to achieve the same goal. Looking good and feeling even better! Then you have the other group of women who are there for the fight back. The return of SELF. And heck Why Not? I mean really, it’s hard enough being a woman especially in NYC.

Question What type of fitness classes REV you up?

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