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Payment Methods Accepted

DASHA® “independent client providers” accept most insurance plans. They also accept the following payments for service: Cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express Cards as methods of payment for copays, deductibles, patient balances as well as payment for all cash based programs and those services not covered by insurance.

Most insurance plans or Medicare will cover a portion or all of your treatments. We then provide you with a detailed report verifying responsibility for payment after confirming your coverage benefits.

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Co-Payments and Deductibles

Your co-payment, if any, must be paid at each visit throughout the course of your treatment. If a deductible is part of your policy, then you will be billed any part of your treatment that was applied to your deductible.

Financial Hardship

The Billing Company provides several options to pay for your services, treatments and care. We understand that each patient’s financial situation is unique, and that certain conditions may occur throughout the patient’s plan of care. Therefore, the Billing Company recognizes when a patient has financial hardship and works with the individual to accommodate certain situations.

The Billing Company calls the insurance companies on behalf of the “independent client providers” and the patients to acquire the appropriate payment amounts on your behalf.  Each patient is responsible for their entire bill.

*If you are having financial hardship, you may speak with the Billing Company directly to assist further 212-755-5500 Extension #3

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Consult your HR department to see if you are eligible and what specific services apply to your particular plan. You may also check directly with your health care provider.

For your convenience, the Billing Company can provide you with a receipt for your eligible expense which you will submit and be reimbursed from by your FSA. The benefits are part of your company’s offerings; most plans require you to use any dollars in your account before the end of the year.

You may be able to use your FSA with our “independent client providers” towards:

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