It’s Not About Money Until It$ About The Money

///It’s Not About Money Until It$ About The Money

It’s Not About Money Until It$ About The Money

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Its not about the $ until it’s about the money! What a stupid saying, really! I’m sorry, I just can’t hold myself back because I despise this statement. The people that usually make this type of comment are typically the ones that look at money as the most powerful tool. Once again it’s all in the delivery, and that just sucks on so many levels.

Have you wish you can go back in time and just be kids again? Back to a day when money meant nothing to you because you had no idea of how to really use it. Well when my kids ask me for money to buy something they absolutely don’t need, I often say no, or ask why? “I find that this is the perfect teaching moment.” It’s important for kids to get used to the idea that they can’t have everything they want, and explain maybe that’s something we can think about getting down the road.”

What you see is not always the real deal or a good deal for that matter. Just because you stay in a 5 Star Hotel, and are being served some of the finest cocktails around doesn’t mean it’s all good. After the sun goes down, and you’ve intoxicated yourself  to forget it all you realize all you are left with is the big fat bill!

Trust me the bill is coming!

You either pay upfront or on the backend, but either way you are paying. In todays world money is used so versed. It can be son ugly, especially when it is used to buy your love, grant freedom, or a get out of jail card.

Do you buy your kids everything they ask for?

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