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  • Be Mindful of your back and neck when running on the beach

Be Mindful Of Your Body!

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Every summer, thousands of New Yorkers suffer from some back injury that puts them on bed rest for an extended period of time. If this weekend involves a few of your favorite outdoor summer activities like going for a run on the beach in the Hamptons, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, or taking a fitness class, you may wake up a few days later feeling some back and neck tension or strain due to overusing your muscles.

The past few weeks DASHA® “independent client providers” have noticed a growing trend in back-related injuries caused by increased summer activities which included, running, biking, swimming and fitness classes.

Patient (A) came in with the following complaint: 36 yr. old / female presented with a chief complaint of back pain that was exercised induced. As she was leaning into her bike while pedaling, she felt a pull. After asking about her warm-up, it was clear that she didn’t properly prepare for her 45-minute cycling class and was not mindful of her body’s limits.

Chief Complaint(s): Lower Back Pain that shoots into her buttocks

History of Present Illness:Lower back on the right side that radiates into her right gluteal region. Mechanism of injury occurred while the patient was doing a 45 minute Indoor Cycling Class. The nature of the pain can be described as a sharp shooting type of quality. The initial onset was two days after her cycling class. Pain intensity is a +7 out of 10 with 10 being the worst possible pain.

Review of Systems:  No family history or past injuries indicated on the initial exam

Examination Findings: General Appearance E Minimally Guarded, Skin Texture And Tone Are Not Normal. Height 5’2, Weight 105 Posture, High Right Shoulder, Head- Right Head Tilt, Slight Forward Head Carriage, Rounded Shoulders, High Right Iliac Crest, Short Right Leg By ¼”, Strength- Within Normal Limits, DTR Within Normal Limits

Diagnosis LBP Strain Of Lumbar Spine

Goals Decrease the Pain Level from a 7 out of 10 to a 3 out of 10 within 1 week / Decrease Muscle Spasm by 50 % within 1 week. /Intention is to get them back into their favorite cycling class within 3-5 days 

So how can this all be prevented? Aside from coming into DASHA® for an initial exam or re-evaluation to help alleviate some pain, you will receive an education to help you better understand your body’s strengths and weaknesses. DASHA®s primary goal is to help patients live pain free and go back to living their active lifestyle!

Here are a few reminders from DASHA®

  1. Proper Stretching both before and after your workout is a must. 5-10 minutes of warm-up & cool down time will make all the difference in helping your body adjust to the activity you are doing
  2. Quality Sleep the night before your summertime activities is also a major factor in making sure your body is ready. It needs time to relax its muscles in order to participate and operate at 100%
  3. Hydration is KEY, especially in these summer months. Make sure you’re drinking water before, during and after your activity

If you are experiencing pain, don’t procrastinate!  Click here to to learn more about how DASHA®’s Team can help you live pain free and get you back to your active lifestyle!


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