Marathon Training Day 46

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Marathon Training Day 46

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Date: February 22nd, 2018
Mental Status: #childish
Training Download: 5 miles strong Intervals 3/7/10
Daily SHA-NANIGAN®️s I woke up wedged in between my two kids! Last night was a memorable night because my kids showed me what it was like to feel young again! The night started off with a little
  • Basement Bowl
  • Ice Skating
  • Hanging with a cute puppy

Well, it turns out Im a cool mom after-all! Like usual, I started chatting it up with random people next to me. Usually my kids say “Stop or tell me I am embarrassing them” but this time it was different. Ok, so it all started because of the cute little pup this group of men walked in with. I love puppies and I just needed to hold the little guy. So of course I leaned over and asked to hold him. He was well-suited like a super star wearing a #Supreme Outfit and a leash to match. Little did I know that we were hanging out with #Von Miller from the #Denver Broncos and his crew. Now I knew this pup was a SuperStar for real!

I very rarely get star struck. Not sure why, but I actually feel comfortable around famous people. I’ll admit the height thing was def  intimidating because Im only 5’1 and they are 6’4. Imagine, 4 lanes side by side and the only people playing are us and some NFL players with their friends. Not only were they complete gentleman but  they taught my little girl how to bowl that night! If I would have known that we were going to be hanging with this crew, I would have gotten a good blowout first! I was so dressed down, not an ounce of makeup, plus a wet head!

As we were leaving I needed to get a pic for my kids and of course my day would never be complete without inviting them down to DASHA® for a little rehab and TLC!


Von Miller/ Denver Broncos

Question: When was the last time you acted like a kid?
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