Marathon Training Day 24

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Marathon Training Day 24

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Date: January 31st, 2018

Mental Status:#meh

Training Download:90 minutes of Hot Yoga

Today’s Sha-nan-igans I Love To Be Alone And Reconnect! Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t relate to anyone or anything? I think most of us have been there. When this happens it’s probably a good time to take a step back and reconnect with yourself.

You know something is up with you when someone is talking and your mind is elsewhere, thinking of other things and not actually hearing the person speak. It’s because you just can’t relate, not just to them but you are in a place that feels displaced. But it’s easier than you think to reconnect to yourself. Take some time alone to do your own inner work and learn to love, respect and honor your whole being. This is a definite MUST before you can value the essence of someone else.

You need to do you!

There can be many reasons why you are where you are if you are feeling this way. Possibly you are scared, or don’t feel recognized, maybe you just are through? We all want to be seen for who we really are — which is who we are when we are open. When fears get triggered, as they do in all relationships, we might turn to various learned protective, controlling behaviors. But these learned protective behaviors are not who we really are. We are our essence, our soul, and our true self .

So my little bit of advice, take some “ME time” figure your sh*t out and then try and put that puzzle back together again. You might just find that it was worth it to be alone in the first place.

Question:Have you ever stopped and thought about doing your own inner work?

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